Ogie Alcasid defends Pinoy Idol against critics

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Naibalita ni Ogie na ibabalik din pala ang Celebrity Duets nila ni Regine. Magkakaroon ito ng Season 2 pagkatapos ng Pinoy Idol, kung saan isa sa judges si Ogie, at pagkatapos din ng Ako si Kim Samsoon na si Regine naman ang bida.

PINOY IDOL. Speaking of Pinoy Idol, kung anu-anong batikos na ang tinatanggap ng programang ito. Ano ang masasabi ni Ogie about it?

"I take all those things constructively," sagot niya. "Opinyon 'yan ng mga tao, na kailangang pinapakinggan din. Idol is such a huge franchise. A lot of expectations are going into it.

"Mayroon namang positive comments. Lately, medyo gumaganda na ang mga nasasabi, kaya ibig sabihin, we're taking the criticisms well. We're learning.

"Yung mga batikos kina Jolina [Magdangal] at Wyngard [Tracy], ang tingin ko kasi riyan, walang maling comments. Opinyon 'yan na dapat ay nirerespeto rin naman natin. Kung sinasabi rin ng iba na mali ang sinabi ni Jolens o ni Wyngard, rerespetuhin din namin yun. Marami rin kasing factors that we have to consider.

"Habang naroroon kami sa gala, iba yung tunog. Sa TV, iba rin yung tapon. May aspects na ganoon that we really have to consider. All in all, maganda ang resulta ng ratings namin, kaya happy na rin kami roon."

Very frustrated si Ogie kapag may napapatalsik na mas deserving contestants, na ma-retain sana sa Pinoy Idol.

"I can't hide the feeling," sabi niya. "Wala naman sigurong bayarang nangyayari, kasi malinaw naman 'yan na text votes ang pagbabasehan ng lahat. Nakakalimutan lang ng ibang contestants na hindi lang ito talent search. You really have to campaign. It's part of the mechanics.

"Ngayon, kung hindi ka nangampanya, matatanggal ka. Si Gian Magdangal sa Philippine Idol, binanggit niya 'yan sa akin, na on his own, kailangan niyang mangampanya. Ganoon din sa American Idol. Kung walang bumoboto roon sa magagaling, baka may kasalanan din sila. Hindi puwedeng mag-rely na lang sila sa galing nila," paliwanag ni Ogie.

Penelope Matanguihan now out of Pinoy Idol

Sunday, July 27, 2008

pinoy_idol_04 Warren’s supporters are not that visible in the Internet anymore. During the early stage of the competition, a lot of Warren’s supporters are visible in forums talking about Pinoy Idol.

Basil Valdez would be the finalist’s mentor next week. The Top Six Finalists are Jay-Ann Bautista, Warren Antig, Daryl Celis, Kid Camaya, Ram Chaves and Gretchen Espina.

Tonight’s result show is the ultimate shocker for me because I like Penelope Matanguihan. In fact, I’m rooting for her to become the next (or the first) Pinoy Idol. But sadly, she ended her Pinoy Idol journey tonight. Warren Antig joined her in the bottom two.

Biggest elimination and Warren issue

"Biggest Elimination" announcement, for the Basil Valdez week.

Fremantle and GMA7 have a fixed work schedule, and everyone is pressed for time. Aside from their contracts, GMA7 also has Celebrity Duets soon, so Idol and other projects might overlap. And with how things are running, if it keeps it's normal pace, Idol will not finish on time.

Half of the Top 6 will be eliminated next week. And the final 3 will battle it out for 3 more weeks.

Right after Raymond announced that Penelope is eliminated, Warren whispered to Raymond and wanted to be the one to be eliminated instead of Penelope. Word also has it that since Warren butchered Southborder's Kahit Kailan, he knew he was up for elimination, so he spent close to P30,000 just to keep himself from being eliminated. He wasn't expecting Penelope to be in the bottom 2 with him, and when Penelope was announced eliminated, his conscience couldn't take it, and wanted to take Penelope's place.

Sometimes You Just Know It's Over, Toffer

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I don't know if it's really about time for Toffer Rei to go, simply because I just want Warren Antig to get kicked out. Hopefully, Warren's next. We just have enough David Cook wannabes in this competition. For a moment there, I thought Daryl is about to leave. You see, he is probably the most improved Idol hopeful.

The dilemma for Kid Camaya is that he has a naturally gifted voice, and the judges are being too nit-picky or perfectionist that they think he is deteriorating, unlike with Daryl, who despite a weak voice manages to give a sincere, heartfelt and simple performance. But definitely, Daryl would probably struggle a bit with next week's rock & roll theme.

Sayang Toffer, ironic isn't it? It could be the moment you're waiting for.

Say goodbye to Sue Ellen

Saturday, July 19, 2008

pinoy_idol_06 The voters of Pinoy Idol are now awake from a horrible nightmare and chose to vote out Sue Ellen Cubing from the competition. Catch the  8 remaining idols at Pinoy Idol Mall Show at SM.

Finally, Sue's Swan Song

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally, Sue bids goodbye to Pinoy Idol after trying to take on the Songbird songs.

And for the first time indeed, nobody cried when she left. Even Sue seems relieved and happy. Such a sport and giggly kid she is. I mean, she's gotten a lot of flak during her Idol conquest, deserving or not. Not every 16 year old could take that. 

It is almost a killer suspense that I actually thought it's Penelope's time to go. Did you notice Pen's shock? Sue appeared more at ease.

And, look... they're the bottom two, just like what my rankings said. And Ram picked the safe group, he knew it just like I did! haha (self-serving much).

Pinoy Idol on GMA’s Radio Stations

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Remember the days of Pinoy Dream Academy Season I wherein the gala performance nights are simulcast on ABS-CBN’s DWRR 101.9? I just don’t know why they aren’t doing the same thing with the second season. On the other hand, Pinoy Dream Academy rival show, Pinoy Idol would be doing the same thing starting today, Saturday, July 12, 2008! For those who won’t be home during the gala performance night of Pinoy Idol, you can still hear your Idols perform through GMA’s radio stations – Super Radyo AM dZBB and Barangay LS – DWLS FM.

You can also hear your Idols on the following radio stations throughout the country:

Barangay LS 97.1 Ayos! – Manila
99.5 RT – Cebu
103.5 Wow – Davao
93.5 Campus Radio – Dagupan
93.5 Campus Radio – Iloilo
107.1 Campus Radio – Bacolod
92.7 Campus Radio – Baguio
100.7 Campus Radio – Cagayan De Oro
102.3 Campus Radio – General Santos
90.1 Wow – Iligan
92.9 RU – Kalibo
96.3 Campus Radio – Legazpi
91.1 Campus Radio – Lucena
101.5 Campus Radio – Naga
97.5 Campus Radio – Palawan
89.3 Campus Radio – Tuguegarao

Gala performance nights are shown every Saturday after Pinoy Records while results shows are shown every Sunday after Kap’s Amazing Stories.

Robby is now out of Pinoy Idol, 9 are left

Monday, July 7, 2008

pinoy_idol_07 Last night, one of the strongest contenders of Pinoy Idol was sent home – Robby Navarro. Daryl and Sue joined him in the bottom three. It’s just sad that he was the one to be sent home. Although he’s just fine for me, I still firmly believe that Robby is better than Daryl and Sue. As I’ve said on my previous Pinoy Idol post, I don’t appreciate Sue’s talent at all. In fact, I’ve been praying to the high heavens that at least Sue or one of the rockers, with great emphasis on Ram would be eliminated last night. Unfortunately, that was the case last night and a lot of fans are disappointed.

Viewers of the show think that Robby Navarro got negative publicity on the recent Pinoy Idol Extra episode wherein the hopefuls were put into a “test”. Hence, he got the lowest number of votes this week. I guess the footages were shown on Pinoy Idol Extra to be able to generate some buzz for Pinoy Idol. Unfortunately, I didn’t generate some buzz. Instead, it caused the ouster of one of the best and strongest contenders of Pinoy Idol.

The nine remaining Pinoy Idol finalists are Penelope, Jayann Bautista, Gretchen Espina, Sue Ellen, Ram Chaves, Kid Camaya, Daryl Celis, Warren Antig, and Toffer Rei. Performance nights are every Saturday after Pinoy Records while results are delivered Sunday nights after Kap’s Amazing Stories.

Robby is Eliminated

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Travesty fell to a record low as arguably the most consistent, the most favored and the best Pinoy Idol hopeful got eliminated last night. The elimination of Robby Navarro left Ogie Alcasid and Jolina Magdangal in tears. And to add insult to injury, Robby was outlasted by the two bottom-dwellers, even with their lack of talent, Daryl and Sue.

Wyngard finally said something sensible and right, after weeks of having that "I don't care" attitude and that apathetic look on his face. To try to quote Wyngard's sweeping speech last night that echoed the sentiments of the general viewers and fans of the Idol franchise:

"Nakikiusap ako sa mga voters na maging objective, lalo na yung mga kamag-anak at mga kaibigan, alam ko na mahirap. Isipin nyo na ang very first Pinoy Idol ang magrerepresent sa ating bansa internationally, sa Asian Idol at World Idol. Huwag nyo kaming sisihin kung ang mananalo ay ayaw nyo, dahil kayo ang may kasalanan. Please makonsensya naman kayo."

Wyngard even said something like, Ayaw ko na linggo-linggo akong magiging luhaan or imbierna. And now, so many questions linger in the mind of the viewers left in distraught. Questions that we may never find the real answer, except for the blatant simple fact that Robby, supposedly, did not get enough votes. And why didn't he get enough votes?

Here are some possible reasons for the early eliminations of the better Idol hopefuls like Mae and Robby.

1. Mae, Robby, Penelope, Kid and Jayann probably have the same fans voting for any of them. These fans know that these 5 idol hopefuls (only 3 remains now) are really the best mong the contestants, that they cannot pick just one solid idol hopeful, because they are trying to be objective and just base their votes on performance. They probably think that since their bets are doing fairly good on their performances, their idols are safe. But they are wrong.

2. Sue, Warren and Daryl have die-hard fans. These fans, whether they are relatives, friends or persons that are totally oblivious-to-good-taste would stick to voting to their ONE and ONLY Idol hopeful. Regardless if their performance is great or if it sucks. They would vote many more times especially when their bet is at the bottom group.

3. Conspiracy theory? Do you think that the network would actually rig the results to stir controversy and interest? Why aren't they revealing the number of votes? Don't we have the right to know the figures?

4. Pinoys are just stupid voters. Plain and simple, just look at our politicians.

5.  Robby's tantrums on a recent episode of Pinoy Idol Extra could've affected his votes. I didn't catch the episode, where he almost wanted to quit because of some big-brother-like challenge. But i don't believe Extra got that much viewers to actually turn his votes away. Well, I'm sorry Robby... you would probably have a better career than whoever wins this contest. Tingnan mo na lang si Jonalyn Viray. Baka kunin ka pa ng Southboarder.

Pinoy Drama Anthologies

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hold your horses, I am not trying to add fuel to the fire which is the network war you wish would just finally stop. But just for a respite, I’d like to write something about Pinoy Dream Academy; which is the so-called rival of Pinoy Idol.

I really don’t watch the PDA as much as I really don’t watch Pinoy Idol Extra. As much as possible, I just catch the “gala nights” of both supposed “talent” shows. I’ve only seen the first gala night of PDA and I think that they hit the jackpot with Liezel/Liezl, the soul - girl from Dubai. Van is also an instant  “It” boy, he’s got the looks and a pretty decent voice, with cool song choices. Of course, there are also some misses. I just won’t name one of them, because I already met him a couple of times, and he’s really a good kid, though, not really a kid anymore. (That’s like a “gigantic” hint already!)

I also thought that Ross got a great potential. He’s got that rocker demeanor without trying too hard and he’s got a clear voice. But his PDA journey ended with the dramatics that could outdo “Magdusa Ka” or any afternoon soap, for that matter. And the Uma-lookalike appeared to follow suit, even trying to outcry him over his dilemma. The exit of Ross sorta made viewers confused as to why after making it “inside”, he decided to leave. He kinda got homesick, insisted that he “served his purpose” (which is not really clear-cut), and confessed that he couldn’t handle “backstabbing” or the attitude of some of the scholars.

Even some of the pexers agree that PDA should not focus so much of the drama that it overshadows the talents the “scholars” are supposed to be honed inside the “Big Brother Academy”.

Surprisingly, the very much capable former judge of Philippine Idol and their current headmaster Ryan Cayabyab often gets flak for his unfelt presence over the academy, risking comparison with the charismatic and apparently well-loved season 1 headmaster Jim Paredes.

But of course, that’s how PDA works. Just like Big Brother, or America’s Next Top Model or Survivor,  it’s not enough for viewers to watch them sing or compete with each other; viewers also get to watch how they are doing on a daily basis.

But that doesn’t work for Pinoy Idol, or even American Idol for that matter. After watching PDA on that overly dramatic exit of Ross (not to mention the coincidental death of Miguel’s Lolo, geez, too much crying for a night!); I caught PI Extra as well.

And guess what? They are cooking up their own controversies even to those idol hopefuls that got out already. On that episode, they are raising issues between Gretchen against Bev Ejercito (remember her?); Kid vs. Jayann or whoever; and Robby vs. Toffer. Extra amplifies even the most mundane things, that people really didn’t want or need to know, just to present something interesting on the failed localize franchise.

Why? Is there not enough tears, or drama or backstabbing on Pinoy Idol? Did AI need that to become the number 1 TV show in the US?

Do we really need that on every freaking reality talent show on TV when the fictional shows are already full of it (not to mention our actual - real lives)? I just think that TV just went further down the drain.

Lea, Jose Mari at Regine, kukuning mentors ng Pinoy Idol

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

May balak palang kunin ng Pinoy Idol management sina Lea Salonga, Jose Mari Chan at Regine Velasquez para maging celebrity mentors ng finalists ng Pinoy Idol. Ito ang ipinarating sa showbiz press ni Hazel Abonita, production manager ng Pinoy Idol. Dagdag pa ni Hazel, perfect maging mentors ang tatlo dahil kilala internationally at approved pa ng Freemantle bosses.

Marami rin daw matututunan sa kanila ang Final 12, particular na sa style at tamang pagpili ng kakantahin.

Wala ring takot na sinabi ni Hazel na ipaglalaban niya ang galing sa pagkanta ng PI finalists laban sa Pinoy Dream Academy 2 scholars.

Kung may mentors daw ang PDA scholars, meron ding professional vocal coaches ang Pinoy Idol Final 12 na nagga-guide sa mga ito. May constant band rehearsals din para masanay sa live performance.